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Class up any bathroom with matching accessories. Made to match any finish, and most faucet styles, available bathroom accessories are:


 Available Accessories

  • Towel Bars – Standard sizes available are 18″, 24″, and 30″.
  • Towel Rings – Install by your sink faucet for hand towels.
  • Towel Warmers – Place a towel warmer on the wall by your shower for warm towels after every shower.
  • Tissue Holder –¬†Pivoting, recessed, or vertical tissue holders are available in matching finishes and styles to coordinate with your other bathroom fixtures.
  • Robe Hooks – A robe hook can be installed on the back of the bathroom door, near the shower on the wall, or on the wall by the sink to be used with hand towels.
  • Trip Levers – Switch out your standard chrome trip lever for one that matches your faucet style and finish.
  • Grab Bars – Grab bars are available in many styles and even more sizes. Install a grab bar vertically, horizontally, or at an angle around your tub or shower.