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Tub Faucets

There are a few different mounting options for tub faucets. The style and installation of your tub will determine which option you need.


 Installation Options

  • Deck-Mount – Mounted on the flat surface either around the tub, or on the deck, and most commonly used with drop-in or under-mount style tubs. Most have 2 handles – one controlling hot, and one controlling cold.
  • Floor-Mount – This type of installation is for use with freestanding tubs, either clawfoot tubs, or modern style freestanding tubs. More often than not, this type of installation will leave you with exposed pipes, so if you’re not in to that type of look, this might not be the best option for you.
  • Wall-Mount – If your tub is against a wall, then this is a good option to save space without sacrificing style. Options for this kind of installation are limited, so you’ll probably need some help finding a faucet that fits your budget, and your style.
  • Tub/Shower Faucets – Tub and Shower combinations are the most popular style of tub, over 65% of homes have a tub/shower unit. Choose the style of sink faucet you want first, and there will be coordinating Tub/Shower faucets available.