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Bathroom Sinks

Bathroom sinks, often called “lavatories”, come pre-drilled to fit different faucet configurations, or undrilled for custom faucet installations. There are many types of sinks available in today’s market…. from simple and functional to beautiful and unique.  We have many styles and different materials on display in our showrooms. Our consultants can help you find the perfect sink to match your bathroom, and your budget.


Installation Options

  • Top-Mount/Self-Rimming – These sinks are a common sink style with a bowl that drops into a countertop cutout hole, and a rim that rests on the countertop surface that support the weight of the sink.
  •  Under-Mount –  Under-mount sinks attach under the countertop and are supported by clips that hold the bowl in place and work best on solid surface materials like granite or quartz.
  •  Pedestals – Pedestal sinks have a sink bowl that sits on top of a pedestal that conceals the water supply and drain pipes. This option is great for half baths that don’t require much storage, or a small bathroom where space is limited.
  • Consoles – Consoles are similar to pedestals but the sink bowls attach to legs that help support the sink weight.
  • Wall-hung – Wall-hung sinks are very similar to pedestal sinks, but don’t have the pedestal to support the sink bowl, instead the bowl is attached to the wall.
  •  Vessels – Vessels are decorative bowls that sit on top of the countertop so the outside of the bowl is exposed. These types of sinks require a taller or wall-mounted faucet.
  • Countertop – These sinks are basically lower profile vessel sinks. They sit entirely on top of the countertop, but are much more shallow than vessel sinks.
  • Molded sink tops – Molded tops provide an integrated bowl with a smooth transition from countertop to bowl.


Material Options

  • Vitreous China – Vitreous china is a coating process applied to porcelain materials, with many color options.
  • Cast Iron – Cast Iron is a very durable material, with an enameled finish, and available in many colors.
  • Metal (Copper, Stainless Steel, Bronze) – There are many different finish options with metal sinks… from smooth and shiny, to hand-hammered and rustic. Metal sinks offer perfect, neutral compliments to many other materials used in the bathroom.
  • Cultured Marble – Cultured Marble is a blend of resins and stone particles that are mixed and cast in molds that are lined with a special gel coat that bonds to the mixture, making a very hard and nonporous material.