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Shower Faucets

There are endless possibilities when it comes to showering components, from a basic set-up with one shower head, to a custom shower with multiple functions and valves.  It is very important to visit our showroom and explore the many different options with one of our experts on custom showering. There are many details like valve and pipe sizes, to drainage that all need to be considered before designing a custom shower.


Showerhead Options

  • Single-Spray  – Shower heads that offer only one spray option. Available in many different sizes, styles, and brands.
  • Multiple-Spray – Multi-function shower heads offer spray options from invigorating, relaxing, and indulging, to water-efficient and air-infused.  Also available in any finish to match the rest of your bathroom fixtures.
  • Rain Showerheads – Designed for a fully drenching showering experience, rainheads offer wide spray coverage with sizes 6 to 20 plus inches. Available in round or square styles, they can be mounted from the ceiling, or used with a long showerarm that extends  into the shower space.
  • Hand-Held – Handshowers can function in place or in combination with a fixed-mount showerheads and can be installed with a wall-mount bracket, or with a slidebar that adjusts the height placement of the handshower. Great for families, people with pets,  and for cleaning your shower.
  • Body Sprays – Body sprays are installed on the wall of the shower, and designed to target different areas of your body, like your neck, upper and lower back areas. It’s important to discuss the position and height of the body sprays with your plumber during the planning and installation of your shower.

Shower Valve Options

  • Mixing Valve – This valve type mixes cold and hot water lines, but does not have the pressure-balance capability, so the temperature of the water will fluctuate when pressure is dropped.
  • Pressure-Balance Valve – These valves allow you to turn the shower on and off as well as control the temperature with one handle, keeping water temperature consistent by adjusting the pressure of the hot and cold water inflow. In doing so, the pressure of the water may fluctuate a bit.
  • Thermostatic Valve – This type of valve is similar to the pressure-balance valve in that it keeps consistent water temperature after being set, but it differs because it is able to maintain constant pressure as well. Some manufacturers feature a separate handle for temperature, and for water pressure, each being able to adjust separately from one another but fixed on the same trim plate. Other brands feature thermostatic valves that have their own handle and trim plate, and are required to use in conjunction with volume control valves.
  • Volume Control Valve –Volume control valves that are used with thermostatic valves allow the user to independently adjust the pressure of all functions in their shower from one another, but maintaining the same temperature from one to the next.

Luxury Showers

  • Steam – For a truly spa-like experience add a steam generator to your shower. Get a steam spray nozzle in the same finish as the rest of your shower fixtures and a generator sized exactly for your shower space.
  • Digital Controls – Control all the functions in your shower with the touch of a button.  Some are designed to control temperature and water pressure for up to 2 functions, and others are able to control a whole custom shower experience with multiple heads, body sprays, steam, and even lights.