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Kitchen Accessories

Sink and faucet accessories can offer great functionality to your sink area, offered in complimentary styles and finishes of sink faucets.



Available Accessories

  • Soap Dispensers – Many faucet manufacturers have matching or coordinating soap dispensers to compliment their kitchen faucets styles. Keep a clean look on your countertop and around your sink by installing one in your kitchen.
  • Pot Fillers – Pot fillers provide commercial-grade convenience for homeowners, alleviating the need to transfer pots filled with water from the sink to stove. Installed next to or above the stovetop on the wall or deck, giving quick access to water without having to transfer pots and pans back and forth to the sink.
  • Instant Hot Water Dispensers – Instant hot water dispensers are very useful in the kitchen. They make coffee, tea, hot cider, hot chocolate, or any hot drink instantly! They can also help you cook pasta, blanch vegetables, melt chocolate, thaw frozen foods, serve hot cereals, warm baby bottles, and even warm ice cream scoops. Available in many different styles and finishes to match any décor.
  • Filtered Beverage Water Faucets – Beverage faucets, like hot water dispensers, have optional styles and finishes that will coordinate with any décor. Beverage faucets can be hooked up to a water filtration system so you have access to clean, fresh, cold water right from your kitchen sink.