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Make an Appointment

The Process

Before Your Visit

  • Start Early — In order to give yourself the most options, don’t wait until your contractor is ready to install your fixtures. Plan ahead, many items will require several weeks to manufacture and receive. Don’t limit your choices by waiting too long.
  • Call ahead and make an appointment — This will ensure that our consultants can give you all the time you need to find the right products for your home.
  • Know your contractor and plumber — Water Concepts consultants will communicate with your contractor before and after your visit. This helps avoid the confusion that can occur when selecting fixtures for your home.
  • Be prepared — Please bring your blueprints and any dimensional drawings you might have. Also bring color, tile, and flooring samples of your rooms.

During Your Visit

  • Know your budget — If your contractor has given you a budget or fixture list please bring it with you. Our consultants will help get you the fixtures you want without the surprises of going over budget.
  • Allow plenty of time — The process of choosing your fixtures can often take more time than you might think. Be sure to allow yourself plenty of time so you won’t be rushed. If you have small children, please bring a favorite toy or book so you won’t be distracted.

After Your Visit

  • We will be in touch with your plumber – A list of your fixture selections, broken down by room,  will be sent to your plumbing contractor.
  • Your Plumber will be in touch with you – After your plumber receives the list of fixtures from us, he will then confirm pricing and your selections with you before he places an order for your fixtures.  *Note: Your fixtures will not be ordered until after your plumber has confirmed with you, he will then place the order with us.